Blazer and Jeans

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Blazer and JeansAlthough it has been over a year since I’ve last posted some of my art, I’ve been drawing more than ever. My focus has been—and will continue to be—to grow and develop my artistic skills and style. But recently I decided it was time to start sharing my work again.

This piece has been sitting on my iPad for a few months. I never noticed this before today, but I think she looks like a J Crew model—except for the hair, which is definitely more Victoria’s Secret than J Crew! When I think of the models in the J Crew catalogue, it brings to mind effortless confidence, and a “borrowed from the boys” aesthetic. Every look is “put together,” but easy and unforced. And when I started planning this drawing that was the look and feel that I was going for; I just didn’t label it “J Crew model” at the time.

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