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Silk and Lace: Givenchy Spring 2016

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Lace and Silk - Givenchy - Sublime Cravings
Several Spring 2016 RTW collections featured lingerie inspired looks, but one of my favorite collections – by far – was Givenchy. Black lace and silk is about as lux as it gets. Although I don’t usually associate black lace and silk with spring, I’m certain that I’ll be searching for a lingerie inspired black lace and silk dress this spring. Are you a fan of lingerie inspired clothes?

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5 thoughts on “Silk and Lace: Givenchy Spring 2016

  1. I’m such a fan of Givenchy slips, I wrote one into a story earlier this year. (Siri doesn’t know how to spell words pronounced in French.) I am a big fan of lingerie inspired clothing. I think you won’t have a problem finding them. The thing is they look exactly like lingerie and you cannot tell if you’re supposed to wear it outside or inside. The more confused you are, the more on trend you are.

    1. Ha ha, I love it! You’re so right about lingerie inspired clothing! I think I’ll be using your rule of thumb this spring: if you don’t look like you left the house in your skivvies, you’re doing it wrong.

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