Alluring in Altuzarra: Altuzarra Fall 2015

Current Cravings

Sublime Cravings - Altuzarra Fall 2015 One of my favorite combinations for fall/winter 2015 is a fur trimmed coat paired with over-the-knee boots. And in my opinion, Altuzarra featured some of the most covetable fur trimmed coats for the Fall 2015 season. It would almost impossible to look anything but polished in this Altuzarra ensemble.
Will you be hitting the stores to catch all the after Christmas sales? If so, what is your “go to look” for a day of post Christmas “power shopping?”

6 thoughts on “Alluring in Altuzarra: Altuzarra Fall 2015

  1. Your illustrations are amazing!!! You’re super talented, wish you an amazing new year full of new opportunities and love ❤

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