Sublime Cravings - Moody blooms flatlay

Dress Your Tech: Moody Blooms

Current Cravings

Sublime Cravings - Moody blooms flatlay

If you can’t get enough of dark floral prints, then I’ve got just the accessory for your tech devices. I’m sharing these wallpapers with those who sign up for my newsletter. If you already subscribe to my newsletter, links to these wallpapers are in the first issue-which should be in your inbox today.

These dark floral “Moody Bloom” wallpapers are a great way to dress your tech. These wallpapers are my way of saying thank you to those who sign up for my newsletter. Plus, it’s a preview of the type of content you can expect in my newsletter. This “Moody Blooms” pattern is available in a regular size print (on the iPhone in the picture above) and “close up” size print (on the iPad in the picture above). You can download this wallpaper for use on your desktop, iPad, and/or phone.

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Subscribers to my newsletter can expect:

  • Fashion and beauty themed illustrations printables and wallpapers to dress their tech
  • Access to illustrations that I will only share in my newsletter
  • To be the first to know about my custom illustration giveaway contests

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