Runway Look: Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2016

Current Cravings

Saint Laurent - Sublime Cravings saint laurent sublime cravings
Saint Laurent’s latest collection features rock and roll glamour, with a healthy dose of sophistication. There were so many gorgeous looks, so it was really hard to choose which looks to draw. This is how I want to dress this fall!

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5 thoughts on “Runway Look: Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2016

  1. Knee boots with midi lengths, have done that for a while. The softer fabrics and silhouettes are quite Ralph Lauren, in terms of the feel and tones. I would love to wear a combination like this in spring.

      1. I like follow couture. Some eyebrows were raised about damaging effects of fashion. However some of the best art I’ve seen have sashayed down catwalks. Looking at the atelier behind the scenes videos has also been educational.

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