Runway Look: Sachin and Babi Spring 2017 Ready to Wear

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Sachin and Babi’s Spring 2017 Ready to Wear collection features ballet inspired dresses that are not only beautiful, but extremely wearable. Elegant yet effortless, the collection is filled with dresses that are floaty and graceful, yet not overdone. Combining elements like tulle, ruffles, and lace can easily take a dress in an opulent, over-the-top direction. The pieces in this collection, however, manage to evoke an airy but polished vibe.

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8 thoughts on “Runway Look: Sachin and Babi Spring 2017 Ready to Wear

  1. Wow these gowns are simply divine Mikayla! Wearing a dress from this collection would be pure fashion fantasy! Your illustrations capture the dresses perfectly, especially the lightness of the material, which looks really soft. The expressions of the models are also beautiful, and it’s a real accomplishment to convey that in an illustration!

    Saba xx

  2. Hi Mikayla. I apologize for being late in commenting. Life’s been really hectic. These gowns are gorgeous. Your illustration reflects the graceful silky texture, what I mean is your illustration is so good I can feel the fabric. Both gowns are so pretty. My fav is the blue one. Love the detail with your work, the collar bones, skin tones. Awesome.

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