Oscars 2017: Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph and Russo

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Stunning from head to toe, Hailee Steinfeld wore one of my favorite looks from the Oscars red carpet. I’m certain that the reason I like her overall look is because I am enamored by looks that epitomize an ethereal and edgy aesthetic. Taken alone, this Ralph and Russo dress, which features folds of translucent fabric covered in hand painted flowers, is gorgeous. I love that her styling team opted to leave the dress sheer, rather than line it. The sheerness keeps the dress from being too saccharine, in my opinion. In addition to the sheerness of the dress, a smoky eye and an almost sculptural updo gives the overall look a bit more edge. The result is an ethereal vibe that doesn’t risk resembling a fairy princess costume. Nothing short of styling alchemy.

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2 thoughts on “Oscars 2017: Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph and Russo

  1. She looks like a Goddess. When the Oscars were on, I was looking forward to seeing your illustrations of the various gowns and I was wondering which gown you would illustrate. Your illustration of this gown is gorgeous. I like how you have the touches of grey in the background but you still notice the gown. As well, the gown looks soft and flowing. I also like the different shades of colour to her skin. I hope you have this beautiful illustration framed Mikayla. It’s gorgeous.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Joanna! I’m a little sad that awards season is over, because I enjoy binging on all the incredible red carpet fashion. But there is the Met Gala to look forward to in May.

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