Sublime Cravings Illustration - Chanel Spring 2016 - Tribute to Lagerfeld

A Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld: Chanel Spring 2016 RTW

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Sublime Cravings Illustration - Chanel Spring 2016 - Tribute to Lagerfeld

I recently participated in Draw A Dot.’s open call, A Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld. Above is my submission, which was among the top 9 pieces selected to be displayed on Draw A Dot.’s Instagram account. If you are interested in checking out all the amazing submissions to the open call, you can find them on Draw A Dot.’s Facebook page.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel runway shows weren’t just about presenting his beautiful designs, but were also intended to be an experience all unto itself. This illustration features looks from Chanel’s Spring 2016 RTW airport themed collection. When discussing his vision of the show and collection Lagerfeld said, “It’s the idea of how it should look.” So for this illustration, I decided to extend Lagerfeld’s vision and glam air travel aesthetic beyond the airport terminal by bringing the sophistication and whimsy of his collection out onto the literal runway.

Interested in commissioning a custom illustration? Click here for details, or you can email me at mikayla@sublimecravings with questions.


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