Let it Snow: My Take on Vintage Christmas Card Illustrations

Let it Snow! Off to spread some Christmas cheer in a Miu Miu (faux) fur hat and cozy coat.

Merry Christmas! Here’s the last piece in my series of drawings inspired by vintage Christmas card illustrations.

For my take on vintage Christmas card illustrations, I used pieces from Miu Miu’s Fall 2017 collection in the drawings and as inspiration for the overall palette for the series. I think the retro silhouettes and the bright happy colors featured in Miu Miu’s collection are a perfect fit for a modern take on vintage Christmas card illustrations.

There are countless vintage Christmas cards that feature a well dressed woman holding presents while walking a dog. It’s arguably one of the more common themes illustrated on vintage cards. I feel like my series of vintage card inspired illustrations would be incomplete without a drawing of a woman walking her dog in the snow on Christmas. Usually the breeds featured on Christmas cards are poodles and Scottish terriers. But for this illustration I went with my personal favorite, a shih tzu. But not just any shih tzu, I included my fur baby Stelio in the drawing.

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