Style Guide: Party Looks Inspired by Fashion Icons

Current Cravings, Illustrated Style Guide

Here’s another illustrated style guide that I’ve put together for you. Instead of discussing a specific trend, I’ve opted to share my ideas on styling party outfits that go beyond following the latest trends. For this illustrated guide, I’m focusing on fashion icons because they are a great source of outfit inspiration for a date night, girls’ night out, or New Year’s Eve.

Download a pdf format version of the style guide here.

Party Looks Inspired by Fashion Icons

Regardless of whether you like to experiment with the latest trends or tend to stick to a personal uniform, parties are a great opportunity to get adventurous with your look and stand out. One way to get outfit ideas is to emulate recent looks from the red carpet and the runway. Stylists and designers, who are responsible for creating red carpet and runway looks, often cite fashion icons as a source of inspiration. Sometimes designers mix the signature style of multiple fashion icons to synthesize something new. Also, it’s not uncommon to see a celebrity wearing a “modern day take” on a fashion icon’s signature look on the red carpet. For example, the look Rihanna wore when she accepted her CDFA Style Icon Award was inspired by a Dianna Ross look.

But why should stylists and designers have all the fun? Why not get your outfit ideas straight from the source and cultivate your own take on a fashion icon’s signature look. And by the way, you can up the creativity factor and really make a look your own by mixing and matching elements of different icons’ looks. For example, you can add punk rock inspired accessories to a tux to create a standout look that will be unforgettable. And best of all, it will be a look you curated—which really is the difference between being a follower of trends and a trendsetter.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross Inspired Party Styling

This diva is a source of inspiration for many fashionable entertainers—think Beyoncé, Rihanna, Solange, and more. No one does diva style better than Diana. You can achieve Diana Ross’ signature diva vibe with a show-stopping floor length dress and over-the-top voluminous hair. And don’t forget to play up your eyes. You can’t channel this diva’s look without her signature doe eyes.

Debbie Harry

Sublime Cravings - Debbie Harry Party Look Inspo

Lead singer of Blondie, who’s known for her fearless glam punk rock style. Debbie Harry likes to mix punk staples—moto jackets, leather, ripped concert T shirts, animal prints—with more sophisticated pieces like one-shoulder dresses. Wear a patent leather frock in a feminine cut with a leopard print moto jacket for a modern take on Debbie Harry’s signature style.

Bianca Jagger

Sublime Cravings - Bianca Jagger Style Inspiration

A bold woman who pushes boundaries in both her philanthropic endeavors and personal style, she is a human rights and climate change activist. Oh, and she was Mick Jagger’s first wife. Known for her fashion forward looks, Bianca has a penchant for for luxe tailored masculine suits paired with attention grabbing accessories. Although her go-to colors for suits are cream and white, she often wears black as well. Accessorize the look with a fur stole worn on one shoulder, a choker, or a vintage hat with a birdcage veil.

Stevie Nicks

Sublime Cravings - Stevie Nicks Style Inspiration Party Look

This singer-songwriter is THE muse for boho style. Layering is key when channeling Stevie Nick’s style aesthetic. Wear an embroidered shawl, scarf, or floral kimono robe over a flowy dress with bell sleeves. Go even further by integrating different textiles–lace, velvet, leather–into the same look. You can achieve an “of-the-moment” take on Stevie Nick’s style by wearing an embroidered maxi dress paired with a fringed scarf and over-the-knee suede boots.