Red Leopard Dress: Stand Out, Don’t Blend In

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Red Leopard Dress - Stand Out Don't Blend In - Sublime Cravings

As you can see from my latest illustration, my preoccupation with animal print continues.

When you think of the color palette associated with traditional animal prints, usually earth tone shades come to mind. Which makes sense, because these prints are inspired by animal markings that serve as camouflage in their natural environment. And although my love for traditional animal prints endures, I can’t get enough of all the great dresses, shoes, pants (and so much more) that feature animal prints in bold attention grabbing colors. Case in point, this divine red leopard dress. Wearing an animal print in a bold color is all about standing out, not blending in.

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Don’t Let Them Tame You

Current Cravings

Sublime Cravings Illustration - Mixed Animal Prints

Confession… I can be pretty awkward. So when I see other women leaning into their awkwardness, uniqueness and wonderful quirks, it gives me so much joy.

I say forget fitting in and making yourself “small” in the face of intimidation. Forget making yourself small with the hope that no one will discover you’re weird.

Don’t let them tame you!

Claim your uniqueness. Claim your voice. Claim your space in this world.

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