My Illustrated Guide to Styling 3 of the Hottest Trends

Current Cravings, Illustrated Style Guide

Click here to download the guide.

I’m so excited to share my latest illustrated style guide with you, because it’s bigger and better than any of my previous guides. For this guide I focused on 3 straight-from-the-runway trends: Pattern Play, Sheer Joy and Punk, Polished and Pretty.

About the Trends:

Pattern Play. One of the hottest fresh-off-the-runway trends, but often the most intimidating to style in real life. The pattern-mixing trend is about incorporating more than one pattern into an outfit.

Sheer Joy. Integrate sheer elements into elements into your outfits to produce looks that are feminine and playful. Whether you choose a sheer lace blouse or a dress with sheer details, wearing sheer pieces is about adding visual interest to your look, rather than being overexposed.

Punk, Polished and Pretty. This is a luxe and feminine approach to adding rock star vibes to your outfits. The aim is to mix punk elements with feminine and refined pieces.

About the Guide:

For this guide, I collaborated with 5 amazing women, each with their own unique personal style, on this project. Specifically, I asked each lady to pick a trend and style it. All their looks and tons of advice on how to style these 3 trends, can be found in my in the guide. Click here to download the guide.

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Style the Trend: Romantic and Edgy

Current Cravings, Illustrated Style Guide

Download a pdf format version of the style guide here.

Some of my favorite fashion oriented blog pieces feature a blogger’s take on how to style a particular trend multiple ways, like “3 Ways to Style Over-The-Knee Boots.” Because I love styling advice blogs, I’ve been contemplating experimenting with creating trend oriented styling advice posts, but with my illustrations of course. Honestly, I initially wanted to create a guide featuring multiple fall trends, but I decided to take a baby step and focus on a single trend for my first attempt at an illustrated style guide. Since this post is a little bit of a departure from my usual content, I’d love to hear what you think about the post and if you’d like to see more illustrated style guides on my blog. So here is my take on how the style the Romantic and Edgy Trend:

Style the Trend: Romantic and Edgy

What I love about this trend is that the looks are ultra feminine with a healthy dose of edge. Simply put, this trend is all about integrating tough and edgy elements with an overall romantic aesthetic. The most approachable way to try out this trend is to wear a moto jacket with a floaty patterned dress. For those who have already embraced the floral dress and moto jacket combo, you can take this trend a step further by choosing floral and brocade patterned pieces in moody dark colors, instead of bright colors. Also, go beyond utilizing a moto jacket to toughen up your outfit by trying out more refined edgy pieces, such as cropped leather pants or high heel combat boots.

There are endless ways to achieve this fashion vibe, but here are a few looks that may inspire you.

Try an undeniably feminine dress in a dark floral pattern with high heel hiking or combat
boots. Look for dresses with ultra feminine silhouettes, think ruffles and frills, in darker  moody colors. Notice that unlike the moto jacket and floral dress combo, both elements of this look  have both feminine AND edgy components. This dress has a feminine cut but is in a darker edgier  palette. Also the boots are edgy, but the heels make them more feminine.

For this look, a frilly sheer statement blouse is paired with leather pants in an of the moment cropped fit. A long skinny scarf completes the look. This ensemble, pulled from Chloe’s fall collection, is ethereal and floaty on top and tough girl chic on the bottom. Create your own take on this look by combining separates: wear a very feminine over-the-top statement piece with a slick yet tough piece. For this look,
the feminine piece is the top and the edgy piece is the bottom. But there’s no rule that states that the frilly statement piece can’t be a bottom and the edgy element a top.

Wear a jewel tone velvet dress, in a romantic dancer inspired silhouette, over a black turtleneck. Ballet inspired dresses are frequently made in fabrics and colors associated with a soft and feminine aesthetic, think floaty fabrics and soft pinks and flesh tones. But a jewel tone velvet dress in a ballet inspired style is the epitome of romantic AND edgy. Let the dress be the centerpiece of the look by combining it with sleek and dark elements, like a turtleneck, tights, and heels.

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